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How It Works

It’s all in the details! Transforming your kitchen into a new highly functional and inviting place to cook and enjoy starts with asking all the right questions and intently listening to your needs and wants. That’s what I’m all about – it’s not my kitchen in your house, it’s uniquely yours, tailor fit to what you need and want, works with your home and fits your budget.

Doing a kitchen or bath yourself might turn out just fine, but it's very easy to make expensive mistakes - that's why I say a kitchen designer pays for herself. Working with a qualified and experienced kitchen designer makes the whole process easy for you - no more guessing, no wondering if you're "doing it right", no mistakes, resulting in a beautifully finished kitchen or bath exactly how you want it.

My aim is to help you visualize your new kitchen as clearly as possible, explore all the relevant options and help you make informed decisions. I care deeply about your comfort level during the entire process and clear communications are essential. When you move into your new kitchen I want you to feel like you got everything you wanted, and you’re so happy with the results you want to shout it out and show it off!

Here’s a general outline of the process and what I can do for you:

1. Let’s start with a complementary  kitchen consultation in your home. We need about an hour or so, and there’s some things I want you to do to prepare for this meeting.   We will discuss  style, layout, appliances, countertops, backsplash,  lighting, timeline and budget.  By the end of this meeting we will both know what the next steps are. With an agreement to move forward I will sketch up a layout that can be priced, work out a budget estimate and we will meet again to go over the proposal. Ready to schedule your free kitchen consultation? Contact me by phone or email and we'll set it up.

2. Once we are under contract and a small retainer is paid, my next steps are to refine the design and specifications to the point of submitting for manufacturing.  A final cabinet quote will be provided when the design is finalized.  

3. I can work with any contractor of your choice, or I can introduce you to several contractors who have worked with me on multiple remodels.    The contractor you choose will create their own contract for you.  

4   Drawings, selection of finishes for cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, sink/faucet, light fixtures and other items as needed such as flooring, paint colours, millwork etc. You really get a feel for the look and layout of the kitchen and it’s surroundings.

5.  We will meet in our showroom to view and select cabinetry, counter tops, cabinet lighting and hardware.  You will shop in other showrooms for appliances, flooring, tile etc. and I am available for guidance and advice. 

6. Complete set of drawings in plan and elevation with accurate dimensions, cabinet codes and builder notes. If required a lighting plan will be provided for the builder. I also prepare a full set of construction documents including updated scope of work, drawings, appliance specifications and other installation details.

7.  I'll be making site visits as needed to answer installer questions.   I'm with you right through to the finish.

Additional Services


Interior design and furnishing – remodeling a kitchen can also establish a whole to look for your home. To re-furnish and re-decorate other areas of the home is another job in itself and a separate budget. I can refer you to some excellent interior designers who will take you through the process.


Ready to Get Started?

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