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Maximum Storage Modern Style

This busy family’s kitchen was cramped and outdated. Lack of storage meant clutter on the countertops, a useless bar sink in the island and old appliances failing. This kitchen is in a room by itself, with a wide opening to the dining room but they wanted to keep the wall and the floor tile. Tall shallow pantries were designed and recessed into the wall, also providing a niche for big screen tv & soundbar. New integrated appliances, under cabinet lighting, seating for 2 at the island and full access to storage with lots of drawers and a swivel out corner cabinet. A mix of high gloss and matte white finishes with textured laminate with big thick gables and island complemented the furnishings in adjoining rooms. Even details like exact sizing for drawers, custom cutlery/utensil drawer inserts, and split panel on the tilt out hood make this kitchen a joy for all cooking.

this is the old kitchen, inefficient, lack of storage